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Pheasant and Cranberry Sausage Nutritional info

Pheasant and Cranberry Sausage

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Pennant Valley Game have become well known at our regular markets for our delicious twist on this Old British favourite.

 Very versatile, they can be used exactly as you would Pork sausage. Try plain old bangers and mash, or pheasant sausage rolls for the more adventurous. They are also a great way to get kids eating Game.

The whole cranberries in the seasoning of this variety, blend in lovely with the taste of Pheasant to give a sweet burst of flavour

Packed intrays of 6 sausages, average weight 500gm

For ingredients and nutritional information  please click here

Please Note: Although all care has been taken, as with all Wild Shot Game there is chance of Lead shot remaining in products