Our Meat and the benefits!

Our Birds

We source all our Game birds from withing 5 miles of the village of Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant where we are based. Game shooting is of huge importance in this area, it sustains the local economy so much throughout the year and predominantly through the long winter months. Almost every acre of land is shot of in some way shape or form, whether by a commercial enterprise or smaller "Rough" shoots. Therefore, we have no shortage of Quality Game to choose from!! 
Black neck pheasantFrench Common PheasantBlack Pheasant

Why Eat Pheasant?

Game shooting, whether you like it or not, has huge benefits in rural areas not only for the conservation efforts of estates but also boosting the local economy. Shooting itself is worth £6 Billion, with shooters spending £2.5 Billion on goods and services.  The estate and farms on which game shoots are established on responsible for actively managing 2 Million hectares of habitats. By eating Game, not only are you supporting this vital rural way of life, but you are also eating a healthy, sustainable supply of meat. The nutritional values below speak for themselves when compared to chicken:
  Pheasant Partridge Chicken
Protein (g/100g) 27.1 25.8 20.1
Cholesterol (mg/100g) 66 85 90
Fat (g/100g) 1.2 1 1.5
Iron (mg/100g) 0.7 1 0.2
Extract taken from a campaign commissioned by "Game to Eat"  carried out by  Leatherhead Food International Research 2006
Whilst eating game meat is on the whole a healthy diet choice, it must be taken into consideration that a large proportion of Game meat is shot with Lead. Lead poisoning can pose a health threat, please see Lead-shot game | Food Standards Agency 
Whilst every care is taken is ensure that our game products are lead free we cannot guarantee this. We are however working with our suppliers to move away from lead ammunition. This is something that the wider shooting community is working together on. A joint statement has been released to this effect,. It can be read here Shooting and rural organisations take responsibility of move away from lead ammunition - The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (basc.org.uk)
For more information on shooting facts please look at "The Value of Shooting"