Pheasant Breast
Pheasant Breast

Pheasant Breast

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Versatile, delicious, easy and healthy. What more do you want from your meat.

People all too often ask, How do you cook them?

Well, the same as you would chicken breast is the simplest answer.

As with all things they can be made as simple or as complicated as you wish. They are lovely just pan fired in butter with salt and pepper served on top of a salad. Alternatively, stuff the middle with soft cheese, wrap in bacon and serve with creamy mash. 

Please also see the attached recipe for Pheasant Breast in Cider, Courtesy of "Game To Eat"

Packaged in packs of 4, average weight 500gm

Please Note: Although all care has been taken, as with all Wild Shot Game there is chance of Lead shot remaining in products