Venison Hunting, Vermin Hunting, Work Etc

With the shooting season behind us, some of you may be wandering what happens here in the "off" season. We are lucky enough to travel to some beautiful places, usually spending weekends away with family or friends, true to form this normally involves some type of shooting or hunting, primarily deer stalking. This in turn, allows Pennant Valley Game chance to stock our own freezers up as well as still supply locals with some quality meat. I also like experimenting with Game and getting others to try it, this usually involves a big fire and plenty of Meat cooking away.

On the estate, the keepers have been busy with Infrastructure maintenance, improvements, dog training, as well as their important roles concerning vermin control. We are lucky to have a diverse range of habitats on the estate ranging from the Valley bottom with meandering river, home to Grayling, Trout, Dippers and Otters. Up to the Moorland edge, where the Snipe are "Drumming"  and the Nightjar can be heard at Dusk. All of the habitats and the wildlife that resides within them require management of which vermin control is a key element. It is also provides great job satisfaction to see scarcer species thrive on an estate which I am part of.

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