Partridge and Wildfowl open - Next is Pheasants

The weather has begun to feel less like summer and more like autumn as we turn the page of the calendar into September. The last few days we have had high winds and downpours of rain, together with lower temperatures and the nights drawing in, it definitely feels like the shooting season is drawing nearer. Indeed, the season for Partridge and Wildfowl opened on the 1st September, good luck to all those out after these respectable quarry birds. I am yearning for a go on the foreshore myself, for some of those hard earned ducks and beautiful sunrises, with the sounds of the estuary as a companion.

The last few weeks have been spent training young dogs to ready them for their 1st season of work. Continuing to look after the young pheasants, which by now are all in the woods and covers, feasting on the plentiful abundance of wild fruit on offer this year, as well as the wheat we feed them. 

Game meat has figured a lot in the past few weeks, with the main task of harvesting a nice young Fallow deer for a joint 60th and 21st birthday party. The deer provided enough Burgers, Sausages, Steaks and Kebabs to feed the whole party. Of course, cooked over the hot coals on a BBQ, on an unusually sunny afternoon here in Pennant Valley.


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