Its beginning to feel closer -only 7 weeks to go

So as we are now in the month of August, our shooting season is rapidly approaching us, and I know from experience that the next 7 weeks will absolutely fly by.

The grouse season got underway yesterday, on the "Glorious Twelfth" Hopefully the estates and individuals involved will have a prosperous season. Not enough recognition is given to the wildlife and habitat that managed moors support, its such a shame that people cannot see past their own emotive feelings and prejudices for the greater good of this endemic species the Red Grouse and all the other species that benefit.

The fallow deer season is also underway, with the season for males open on August 1st. Fallow is the venison I sell mainly at farmers markets, I harvest my Fallow from an estate on the North Welsh coast. At this time they are tremendous eating, having thrived on the crops and silage fields throughout the summer.

In the last blog I mentioned a visit to the Royal Welsh, I attended on the Countryside Alliance stand promoting game meat. I butchered the game and Chef Stewart Williams cooked up a treat. We converted quite a few non game eaters through out the 4 day event, and inspired some others with different ideas.

So 7 weeks today, I wont be writing a blog, instead I will be plucking Pheasants ready for the guns to take home on the 2nd. Can't wait!!!

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