Another Season is nearly upon us.

So as we have now reached the milestone in the Game Season calender that is August the 12th, for many people within the shooting world, this marks the start of their season. Or for those lowland keepers and game dealers, it is just recognition that our season is very nearly upon us.

Unfortunately, this year due to the inclement weather in spring when the birds were nesting, as well as other factors including increase of heather beetle outbreaks. The counts just conducted have shown poor brood numbers, and therefore many moors have cancelled days as there isn't sufficient surplus stock to warrant shooting. Grouse moor management is very complex, and management is exactly what it is. If there isn't enough birds at this time of year, to take of the surplus, then moors simply do not shoot.

As for us down here in mid Wales, our season on Fallow Deer males opened on August 1st. So very shortly we will be able to offer you the finest wild Welsh Venison once again. 

On 1st September Partridge and Wildfowl come into season, shortly followed by Pheasants on October 1st.

Hopefully this season will be more productive than last, It looks like the dreaded virus is under some sort of control and slowly we are returning to some sort of normality. All being well we have a full and prosperous season.

Good luck to anybody out on the moors over the next few weeks and months.

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  • What a great source of information and a place to purchase wild game hope you’re business gets the award you deserve for all your efforts at this time

    Graham Joseph Green

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